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Youth Centres

<a href=’#’><img alt=’ ‘ src=’https:&#47;&#47;;static&#47;images&#47;Nu&#47;Nuorisokeskustenvisualisoinnit_EN&#47;Nuorisokeskustenvisualisoinnit&#47;1_rss.png’ style=’border: none’ /></a> Data Content The Youth Centres visualisation data is obtained from assessment and monitoring system SARVI maintained by Suomen nuorisokeskusyhdistys ry. SARVI is in use at every Youth Centre, and its data makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of the activities, services and customer numbers of […]

Youth workshop activities

Youth workshop activities give young people an opportunity for guided and supported work as well as a personalised path to education, completing their education in cooperation with their education provider or finding employment on the open labour market. The visualisation can be used to examine the operating models and services of workshops and to compare the customers of workshops and the impact of workshop activities in Finland.

State funding for youth work

Visualisation shows the allocation of funds granted by the Parliament every year by project and activity. The information is based on the annual grant decisions of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the regional state administrative agencies. Visualisation also allows you to examine, in further detail, the parties implementing the projects.

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