Participation and influence of young people

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The statistics of the website on the participation and influence of young people consist of two separate databases. In the assessment of basic services for 2017 of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, the purpose was to determine the status of young people participating and being heard in the municipalities by seeking responses from the directors of youth work and cultural affairs. In the School Health Promotion study for 2017, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) asked questions related to, for example, inclusion and influence from 240,320 children and young people all over Finland.

The terms appearing in the title and data of the visualization are perceived as follows: Participation is the active involvement of the individual in a communal and democratic process. Influencing is an activity aimed at changing or preserving the issues prevailing in the community or society.

Compilation of statistics on youth participation and influence and technical implementation and development of the website: Roope Tahvanainen / Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland

Participation and influence of young people
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